In - laws violence

As I m married since 2 years. My mother - in law, father - in law used to mentally harass me regarding my parents and all time used abuse words for them. And were not interested to send to my parents house to meet them. And my husband never say to them anything and always kept him to their side.And sometime they harassed me related to items to be given at the time of our Indian festivals. And pressurised me to do the full time job and give them my salary. There was always physical pressure of household work after 10 hrs private job . After one yr of my marriage I got pregnant. They never allowed me meet my parents. And told not to inform my parents about my pregnancy. When my parents came to meet me my in laws including my husband insulted my parents. During all thru 9 mnths they harassed me mentally by saying abuse words to my family and physically harassed by pressure of household work. When I went to hospital for my delivery my husband and in laws not informed my parents about it. When my parents came to know about my delivery by some relative of mine they immediately came to hospital. And my in laws not given my baby to my parents hand. They mentally harassed me all post delivery period.Now I just want to file a case against my in laws and husband regarding harassment during 9 mnths of pregnancy.