Lack of Basic amenities even after possession.

Hello, Our builder provided me possession in 2018 but he is lacking below things and still he is demanding for some money please help me to understand what exactly we need to do in such situation. 1) He has not provided the electricity meter and still he is putting pressure on us to pay the electricity bill he is sending us the light bill amount over a whatsapp also he is refusing to pay the light bill due to which we have to suffer through electricity cut by MSEB. 2) Not provided municiple water supply he has implanted a boarwell and providing water throught it be it for other use be it drinking, he had planted a big water filter but which is not working for last 6-7 months and we are using the water from boar well. 3) He committed that he will provide childrens play area, club house, multipurpose hall, nana nani park, wifi and CCTV servailance on the project but nothing has been implemented except CCTV still he is demanding for the maintainance and when asked he is telling us that he will complete all amenities at the ending of the project completion. We are facing all the above problems please helps us to understand what should we do in such cases.