Cross-examination in the absence of complainant-in-person

In the matter of Domestice violence .. Act 2005 the complainant wife is appearing in person before trial court. The case was registered in 2008 and still it is pending. Initially it was presented by Legal Expert (Lawer). For one or other reasons complainant wife (she is not advocate) is presenting her case before Trial court. There is FIR Case which goes hand in hand simulteneously with Domestic violence case before the same Magistrate. She is attending regularly as she is going to observe and get updates of FIR case. Magistrate is in practice of giving lavish adjournment on other side's applications. One day, the Complainant could not attend the Trial court hence she sent her parents to inform to the Magistrate and also to get updates of FIR Case. But Magistrate forced subject her parents to Cross-Examination in DVA Case when she was not present. Does such forceful recording of Cross-Examniation of witness Parents of the Complainant is valid and serve any purpose of fair trial when no one was present on behalf of her or herself?