Encroachment on family agriculture land

Encroachment on family agriculture land registered on the name of 22 no. Son/daughters (LR) of two late brothers 'A' (12 successor) and 'B' (10 successor including 'C'). The said agriculture land given by 'A' to 'B' in a unregistered partition deed (1961) and then given to 'C' by successors of 'B'. A case filed by 'C' as petitioner is pending infront of district court for declaration 'C' as the only owner on the basis of partition deeds. (LR of B, agreed to partition. LR of 'A' denied to partition deed). Now only C is occupant of said land since last 35 years (before that occupied by B his father). Court rejects cases filed by 'only C' against enchrochers (decided by court) only due to deficiency in applicants (all family members to be applicant). not on the basis of facts. No family member interested in said land and hence in any case. Kindly suggest any section of law or remedies till partition case resolution allows 'C' to file case and take possession from Court against enchrochers (not a part of A or B family).