Path to agricultural land.

Hie Actually I have no path to access my grandfather's property (agriculture). I have visited local patwari office and as per revenue records the old path is closed due to building of Government School on the path. Also property is distributed between my grandfather and his brothers. And my relatives who own property adjoining my land are denying me access to my fields. I am even ready to pay for it but they are intensionally denying me access so as to devoid me of my property. Now Can i file a case against government department for building school on my path and denying me access to my land, and infringing my fundamental right 19(e). Also can i file a case against my uncles for the whole property as it is not divided properly because while they have access to their lands and my land don't have any path to access it. Or i Can file a case against my uncle for my right to path. And if i cannot file any of the above cases, so could you please provide me the most approporiate solution for my case.