Purchase of land in Raigad, Maharashtra

Land Purchase Greetings of the day, I am planning to buy a farmhouse land in Raigad District, Maharashtra. I have few questions, I have searched online, asked people, but the information I have received is different from every source. Requesting to kindly answer these questions as this will be my one and only purchase. 1) Do we need a farmer certificate to purchase a land in Maharashtra, mostly agricultural? What are the list of papers required for a smooth transition of the land deal? 2) What permissions are required to construct my own house in 2000 sq.ft. Of land, total land parcel can be [deleted] sq.ft. 3) What is the minimum land to be purchased so that I can have an individual 7/12, if not then how safe is it purchase a smaller portion of land and what paperwork do I have in hand? 4) What is the legal due diligence which has to be done in case of purchase and how not to get fooled where I have heard stories of one land being sold to multiple people? 5) Do I need to construct a house in a certain time frame or I can do as my wish? 6) What is the process of getting electrical and water supply from Gram Panchayat and what can be a hindrance? 7) Do I need special permission for tree plantation, swimming pool, design/structure/FSI of house? 8) Is a private surveyor okay to know the land parcel or do I need a proper government survey, what are the average costs? 9) Approximate cost of a 6ft high stone wall for boundary and are there any permissions needed? 10) I would prefer to get the papers verified, who will do that and how do I trust that person (Will it be a lawyer or a real estate agent?)? 11) Is it okay if I purchase the land just on my name or do we need 1+ land owner here? 12) Do we get loan for purchase of land if it is agricultural land? 13) Any other point which I have missed out and would be important for me to make a note before I go ahead with anything? Thanking in anticipation to assist Heartiest Regards, Shashank Mehra