Somebody made Parking Shed by drilling my Flat wall

Hi All, I own a apartment in bangalore, which doesnt have any common walls on all sides. One of the member in Apartment made a parking shed as some portion of his car falls under sun. HE made the parking shed such a way that , it drilled one side of my wall including pillar (which cover my dining and kitchen area) and without my permission. - from my dining/kitchen window i can see this shed that causes lot of problems to me such as, 1. If rain comes it makes lots of spind. 2.pigeon's making lot of dirty, as the shed just below my kitchen that smells alot. 3.its also closing acces to my duct area now no workers can access it to clean the duct area. 4.What if iron structure rusted and causes the damage to my wall, that time who takes responsibility. future if i want to sell my property , if this shed rusted and dirty which is visible from my window, the buyer may go back. The apartment committee says its a common wall, and that should not be my problem even though im suffered bcz of that Shed. Pls suggest me what should i do.