Government employee will loose job on non payment of maintenance sent to jail?

My cousin brother is working in govt sector bank as on permanent clerical post. A dispute is going on between my cousin brother and his wife and his wife has filed many false cases on him and his family members like 498a, DV, crpc 125. His wife is taking half of his salary under section crpc 125. He is much tensed as he is a govt employee; he has very less options to escape from paying maintenance, and if he does not pay maintenance then court will attach his salary. I have two questions- 1. If my cousin brother takes long leave (without pay leave) from his bank on medical basis and court sends him jail for one month or two months for nonpayment of maintenance amount, then will he be able to resume his job in future or not? In other words, if my cousin brother takes long leave from his bank on Without Pay Basis and goes jail for nonpayment of maintenance amount to his wife, then, he will lose his job or not? As far as I know if a government employee remains in jail for more than 24 hours then he loses his job. What will happen in this scenario if he goes jail for not paying maintenance? In case he loses his job then is there any way to resume his job? 2. As he is a govt employee, some part of his salary is deducted as NPS (National Pension Scheme), which will be given to him on his retirement. If he takes long leave without pay basis then can court attach the amount which is lying in NPS (National Pension Scheme). As far as I know court cannot attach PF, PPF and EPF accounts but I am not sure about NPS. Please guide me…. I will be very grateful to you. Thanks a lot.. Please guide. Thanks..