Husband and wife together files 498-A to his parents

Dear Sir/Madam, My elder brother and his wife together files dowry case on my mother, father, sister and me also I have three bothers and two sisters all get married except me. From long time both my elder brothers and their wives tortured my old age mother and father 75 and 65 respectively, they tortured my mother and father to handover the property to them many times and also tortured them physically and mentally again and again. Case is filed against us on 1st of May 2015, now they are saying that transfer mother and father property to them then they will withdraw the case otherwise they will send us jail. My middle brother is Advocate by profession and he has good touch at local police and media also. Complaint is already given to local police station, Collector Office in Jansunvai, SP sir, ASP sir and also to SDOP sir, that they are giving us warning to file false dowry case so please save us in future in such circumstance. I personally met TI sir before filing of case and gives him detail orally, at that time he assure me that nothing will happen I will talk with your brothers but letter he not supported us. My mother father and me are not able to go our home we are in trouble to arrange food and shelter for us. We are all in fear about our lives and currently residing by arranging room at rent.