Unfair termination of individual contract

Modify Hi I've been working on a. Contract basis as a musician/ singer with a 5 star hotel in Bangalore for 4 years in a row. And going out of my way to oblige the unfair demands of the F&B manager, performing on my off days, during afternoons as well as private hotel parties, (which are not in the contract) out of good will) My contract stipulates that I shall be paid an xxxx amount for my services workdays : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday in the lobby as pianist. Wednesday evening 7 to 9:30 poolside Sunday afternoon from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm pool side i shall be provided with meals refreshments etc. Last para of my contract States the contract can be terminated by either side, (no reason is given) my hotel has terminated my contract without giving me my one months notice, as I was unable to perform on one particular day 06-05-15. Due to aggressive behaviour of the F&B manager for requesting him to provide me with working sound system, which he had not provided for the last 6 months, coz. He did not want to pay the sound company extra money, due to which my output was being criticised by the guests as it was annoying to their ears. So I had to walk out on that day, on 07-05-15 i handed. My one months notice, knowing that since my requirements were not met ( which the hotel is supposed to fulfil) it was accepted by the manager, as I continued with my performance, after 2 hours the manager told me to leave immediately as they did not need my services any longer. But refused to give me any notice or compensate for the same, on top of that I have not been paid my one weeks money for which I have worked it's been more than a month and after repeated emails there's no response. what options do I have, pls. Share on linkedin