Criminal as well as Property Case

My uncle's daughters (blood relation, staying in a joined property share by 3 brothers) register a fake case against us (me and my elder uncle's family, all are named in FIR) under IPC 354/323/506 (fake plaster, and neck band was used for pressurization), in order to blackmail us to get their demands of securing common passage of the common property, later we got bail for this as the judge was very sure about their fake plaster and neck bands (MLC shows no sign of fracture according to JUDGE, even the judge being a female shouted at them "why are you wearing this fake plaster? did wakeel saabh told u to do so") 2 days before this case they also register another fake complaint at police station against the family of my elder uncle (not against us) which was compromised due to ours intervention between them at police station level. Now the bail has been granted to us. My question are: 1. What we have to do now? as only bail is granted! 2. How to stop them from filing a false complaints? and harassing us 3. Can we register a defamation case against them? it this is the right time to do so? Our aim is that we want to register such a case so that all of my uncle's family need to go to court once every 3-4 month (going to court from our side is not a problem for us).