Dowry and harassment

I need your advice as my in laws had harrased me mentally physically and financially also my husband is supporting them that too when I was pregnant. Somehow my parents brought me to my hometown as they were not taking care of me. After delivery when we went to my brother went to my husband's house we got to know that my in laws and husband took all my belongings and shifted entire house without informing us and mist shocking thing is that they shifted house the same day when my baby was born and I was undergoing surgery. Most of the household which they have taken were given as dowry during marriage. They took everything even my clothes, my education degrees, jewellery, everything. Now I have nothing with me and had to stay with my 20 days daughter at my parents house with no information about my in laws and husband location. I am very much in depression as with such small baby how will I lead my life. My inlaws had force me to leave my job when I was pregnant. Please help me as I am thinking of filing case for dowry, violence and maintenance. How much claim can I ask for maintenance and compensation also what is right for alternative accommodation? Thank you