Succession through will

• Mr. A, a Hindu male, bequeathed his self acquired house property in Chennai, South India through a registered WILL in favour of his only child/only daughter Mrs. B conferring absolute rights on her. • Subsequent to the death of A the WILL was probated. • B is having 4 daughters and only son S. All the 5 children of B are married. B’s husband died. • B is still alive as on date (April 2014). • B had executed a WILL (registered) bequeathing the said house property exclusively in favour of her only son S conferring absolute rights on him, excluding all her 4 daughters. • No specific reason is mentioned in the WILL executed by B as to why 4 daughters are excluded and why the property is exclusively bequeathed in favour of her only son S alone. Points for legal clarification: 1. Having been inherited the house property through testamentary succession, whether B is said to have acquired absolute rights over the said house property? 2. If yes, whether B is legally entitled to bequeath the said house property in favour of her only son S in exclusion of her 4 daughters? 3. Whether all the 4 daughters also shall have equal share/rights in the house property along with S. After the death of B, whether the said WILL in favour of S alone, is open for challenge in a court of law by any one or more or by all the 4 daughters for the reason that they were deprived of share in the house property?