Difficulty in Partition of Land

Hello All, This is Himanshu Mahajan from District Burhanpur (M.P) My problem is My Grand father was having land in a Village called chamati near khandwa district. My Grand father died without leaving any will for the distribution of land for his 5 Sons & 3 daughters and a wife. The name of 5 Sons & 3 daughters & wife automatically came in "Pavti" Now Everyone wants to distribute the land equally and want to register it. But the two Eldest sons are creating problem in distribution. The reason is 1. They don't want the land to be given to daughters. 2. There is a house in village which is property of my Grand mother from her mother and to her from her mother & so on. My Grand mother doesn't want to give it to anyone, she might have plan to give it to charity. The 2 sons are forcing her to distribute the house first and then they will get agree for land partition. All other siblings are suffering because of the pending of land partition because some of them are not economically strong. Can you please suggest what is the solution to my problem and what are the steps to proceed for legal proceedings. If you need to know something which i was unable to mention please ask. Thanks Regards, Himanshu Mahajan