Petty and neusense case

Sir, I am living in Tirupathi.,AP. A Small Street Which is having distance between Opp houses 6Feets only. Total houses 12Nos . They are having attitude to Shout for anything in streets From 10 years.The Police dont came to this street ,If they shouted even in roads. All are rent holders,Excopt 3nos Main event was this Police dont came to this street and also Night petrolling also they are not came .Below things Happened from 2 years, 1. When my neibours talk in their houses ,That hear in my 2nd floor 2.When power cut ,They shouted as they like 3.When they went and came to house on their bikes ,They shouted as they like. 4.Cameras held in my house ,Every moment they know, what I am doing 5.Phone tapping also done by them. 6. They are using their children for their purpose for Shouting on roads. 7.THEY ARE using Hawkers (Banana sellers , Apple Selolers, Flower Sellers on Bundies. 8.Sone voices heared to me in my home,They have no time to shout,24 hours same work. Pls give some solution for this problem. My name is K.Reddappa Email Id [deleted]