regarding Gratuity amount claim

Dear Sir / Madam, Greetings!! Sir I was working in private firm.Since past three years increment was not done because company was running in loss.this was a verbal statement of my boss. In my company we were a four person staff in office. On the 13january2015,I got shocking news that my colleges got increment from past 8months and I was unaware of it. On the same day, on 13.01.2015;I called my boss and asked him that why he didn’t give me he was answerless and lied to me that he didn’t give increment to anyone. But accountant of the company told me that they got increment. So I decided to left job and I stop to give my services and asked boss to clear my account. He is not giving me gratuity and my annual leaves payment as well he is deducting my one month salary because I haven’t given 1 month prior notice before to stop my services. This is for your information that I have not contracted any agreement or not get any appointment letter from company. If he has not issued any appointment letter or contract in between us than how can he deduct one month salary? I kept office laptop with me till my accounts clear because I know my boss very well…but I will give laptop back to him because I don’t want to keep it with me. I hereby am requesting to help me for solve this matter. Because already 5 months are passed and I constantly trying to call boss,but he is not pickingup my calls. please guide me for getting my money. Thank you. Regards, Chetan