Divorce Case

Hi. I belong to Amritsar basically. My sister got married in may'2010. She started facing issus on domestic violence in October'2010. She came back home with my parents in June'2011. After that they have few meetings with groom's family. They put allegations like she don't take care of home, is not cooking food, wearing shorts at home and blah. This seems to be ridiculuous. My parents filed a case in Amritsar jurisidiction in Dec'2011. The case was moved to Lok Adalat for speedest hearings in Feb'2012, where both parties agreed to give one more chance to marriage, After 3-4 months, things became stressful in relationships. She again tried to put back everything and given a chance to her marriage, Last year she blessed with a son. That guy is paying only those expenses where he is getting receipts so that he can support evidences. He is not even paying the daily expenses for baby. My sister is non working. They beat her and close the room doors so that she will not be able to launch an FIR. Anyhow if she launches, then that guy told it takes few hours to get back home. He is also making a point that I will take one side divorce. We are really feeling helpless. Please suggest something. I am not able to select the lawyer to talk.