Illegal activities of a foreign organisation

Hello Mr. Lawyer, I am from Kolkata, West Bengal Recently I have joined under an organisation in Kolkata. The organisation is highly suspicious, not clear whether it is an NGO or Mission. Sometimes management saying it's an NGO sometimes saying foreign mission. The organisation is saying we are non profit organisation but the organisation is selling books and offering paid services. Most significantly they are selling books without any MRP (only a bar-code is there) and recently forcing us to sell those books (without MRP) in the market. All of their books are without MRP. Also they are not paying any service tax to the Government (State and Central) I want to now - Isn't it illegal to sell books in India without MRP (Maximum Retail Price) ? Isn't it illegal to offer paid services without paying any service tax to the Government ? I am very much doubtful that this organisation is actually doing activities without valid license because they are using different names in different places. I think it's a fraud organisation. In this case what can I do ? Need your kind suggestion. U Bhattacharjee Kolkata, West Bengal