Harassment by bank recovery agency

This refers to my SBI credit card blocked by the bank for non-payment of Rs.5000/- since 2005. ] Now, in November 2019 start receiving flurry of calls from my relatives, relatives of my in-laws [I never new they exist], friends - both old & new, my colleagues [ex & current] that they are being harassed by recovery guys from Kotak Mahindra Bank because 'I chose to give their phone numbers as my alternate number.., that I"ve stopped paying my emi s, that the cops are after me...!!' How embarrassing… 1.Now, why Kotak Mahindra Bank is taking interest in this issue, I have not taken any service from them, leave aside credit card. 2.I got married in 2009 which was strictly arranged. Why and how could I have given my in-law’s relative’s phone number. 3.Kotak has not only violated my privacy, they have spread wrong information about me by lying. My standing has tremendously affected. 4.Inspite of showing my displeasure, they had the audacity to call my younger sister's in-laws. My concern - I want to know what my privacy rights are in this case? I don't have a steady income now so paying even 10k {due amount} is not a possibility immediately. What I need to do so that this harassment stops. Today I came to know they have called my employer and my wife's ex-employer too. Please advice.