Cheated by Boyfriend

Hi, I was in relationship with man over last 10 yrs , Since 2008 we met through online portal and started dating afterward , after couple of months he started asking money for various reason , sometimes for business set up , sometimes for house help , later I moved to USA for work , during that time he lied that he will be coming later but never came to USA and said many lies that he is in USA and his parents are died and he is deported from so many lies and used to ask money for various reason but I was not aware of all those. since we had plan for marriage after coming to india , Once I came to India, he was refusing to meet me and lie about so man things, while I was in USA he told me he will get house in India so I sent him my salary savings and like this I sent 30 to 40 lacs for house down payment and emi but when i came to india , my family found out all lies he said to me and there was no house he bought. neither he had any business and his parents was alive and living very good life . when i came to know all his lies , we , my family approach his parents and it has big dispute happened and finally his parents agreed for marriage things but after month time they refused to take calls and when we again visited them , they said NO for marriage and money I have gave him , he invested with his father in house next to his apartment on father name. and told me to leave him. meantime I got job in his city so I moved there considering i should take personal care of the issue.he spent time with me but again marriage things he used to ignore topic. I was unaware that before moving to his city , he got engaged to girl of parents choice . it was big shock for me so i visited his parents , they refused for marriage union again so i asked my money back, they refused to give my money, during my stay , he again said lies about marriage union and wanted me to take personal loan of 15 lacs. which i took and he promised to pay emi , which during my stay there he paid, after all this trauma , my work got affected so i have to forcefully resign from job and my parents wanted me to move back to hometown so i have moved to my hometown, later he stopped paying emi and since i was jobless , I was also not able to pay emi , after 1 year of no payment bank filed case against me so i contacted his parents about this so they said lies that they will pay but no payment they made to me or bank, my family supported me in this and collected money from sources and paid bank dues .after this whole thing I file complaint against him in local police station but no help i received saying file a court case. Can anyone suggest me how and what to do in this situation to get back my money, No bad comments and criticism , I have gone through a lot , any gentle and kind suggestion welcome ! Thank you