Harassment and forceful coercion by unscrupulous neighbours.

Respected Sir/Madam, I am a youth of 30yrs residing in 52-E Abinash Chandra Banerjee Lane, Kolkata-10. Here, I want your precious legal advice on harassment and forceful coercion of me and my parents by unscrupulous neighbours residing in the same area. The matter is: We bought a flat in that area, and shifted from a rented house located at Beliaghata Main Road. From the day we moved to this area in our new flat, some neighbours in that area started disturbing us a little bit under many circumstances,like demanding of excessive amount of chanda for puja,passing lewd comments etc.At first,we ignored the matter and didn't pay heed to it. But as the time passed,the situation became worse. I am mentioning another event. I regularly walk after having my dinner at night in that lane.One day, a characterless girl named Resmi,supported by those neighbours suddenly came in front of me and started to pass lewd comments and gathered those neighbours and pounced upon me and she and her father Santanu Roy suddenly passed lewd comments to me and my parents and put a false blame on me that I molested her.But the residents of my flat came for our help and helped us to get out of that situation, as they know me well and they also know that I am not kind of that guy. After that event, those neighbours continued enthusiastically to harass my old parents and threatened that they would put up a false accusation on me and hand me over to the police and they also demanded a large amount of money and said that they will not do anything if they get the money. Now, we are in too much depression and anxiety about this matter. Please kindly help us by providing your expert legal advice. Thanking you. Yours faithfully, Indrajit.