Recently I have came across some documents which raise questions about authenticity of date of birth certificates issued by CBSE. The facts of case are: Person A was born on 01st ofJanuary 1975 as per the discharge certificate of mother of person A. During schooling, person A obtained DOB certificate from CBSE stating date of birth as 1st of March 1973 merely on basis of oral statement. All government records of that person including passport were issued on basis of CBSE certificate and person A migrated to other country using passport with date of birth based on CBSE certificate. Now what is the authenticity of such certificate issued by CBSE? All government records of such person are deemed to be genuine as those were based on DOB information provided in CBSE certificate how can such certificate be relied on by Passport offices? How can a person go scot free and immigrate out of country by taking benefit of lacuna’s in System? Which government agency has role to investigate in this matter as each department would raise finger at CBSE as they have issued the certificate.