Notice Period is counted in the Service Period & Bond (Recovery)

(A) Date of Joining : 8th Sept’14 Joining Bonus & Joining Expense Disbursement Date : 29th Sept’14. House Hold Shifting Expense Disbursement Date : 28th Nov’14. (B) If resigned on 15th June 2015 and after serving notice period of 3 months (90days) get relieved on or after 15th Sept’15 (Last Working Day is after completion of 1 year of joining). In this case will there be any recovery of Joining Bonus, Joining Expense, House Hold Shifting Expense reimbursed. As per the Appointment Letter : (1) Incase of separation from the company within 12 months from the date of disbusrement of the amount, the total amount will be recovered. But after joining they have made me to sign a Demand Promissionay Note with Revenue Stamp on it that in the event of my separation from the company before 07.09.2015 they i will return the amount to the company.Which one is valid. (2) for Othere recoveries : Payment / reimbursements made towards relocation expenses by the company will be recovered in full in the event of separation from the company before completion of one year of joining. (C) Also request you to kindly clarify if serving notice period is also counted for serving the bond period. As salary will be paid for the services & PF will be deducted till Last Working Day.