Property inheretance for a OCI citizen

Dear Sir, I am Nithesh living at the moment in abroad. I am thinking to change my citizenship. We have an undivided ancestral-agricultural property in Puttur, India. It was in the name of my Grandfather and he expired. At the time of death, he mentioned on the paper that his asset should be divided equally among his 4 sons and 1 daughter. At the moment, my uncle (younger brother of my father) is taking care of assets and my father and mother living separately in Bangalore. and there is no divided share on paper until now and no profit out of agriculture has been provided till date. Now, if I have to demand the share my father deserves out of his father's assets, I might have to reach out to the court in Puttur or the High Court of India. Once my father gets the share, I can inherit it from him. Problem: 1. Can I inherit the share from my father if it's an agricultural property that he gets it from his father? 2. If my father is not gonna be in future, can I demand in court for the asset share in name of my mother? 3. If I become an OCI card holder, where does the divided asset of my father go? Will it be taken over by the Govt? (who exactly gets this property). 4. I have got a sister who is married. We both are in very good understanding as of now. Can you please help me? and answer my problem.