Signed Contract as part of Offer Letter(No Bond Paper)

Hi , I have joined a organisation on 17th of April and I am having a experience of 3.5 years before joining this organisation. There is a clause in my offer letter which states : " By signing this offer letter, you agree to at least 1 years of service at peakXtech. " As per the HR she told me that company is registered, but when I joined they started the registration process, they don't have medical benefits, PF and the environment is totally different. Noe once the registration is completed they have registered company in some remote place near to Hyderabad which is different from my workplace. I am worried if I join some other organisation and if they do background verification and it may lead to bad remark on my professional carrer. Now its been 45 days and I want to leave the organisation as I feel the company environment is not healthy and I cannot work in this organisation. I want you to help me If I leave the organisation can they file a case against me, since I have signed the contract as per my offer letter. Please do help me.