Husband and In laws harrassing me

I got married 3 years before. This January, suddenly my in laws and husband says that due to my Janm Patrika, he has got kidney stones & i m not appropriate to fit in that family. They started harassing me by arguing and shouting on me and started blaming my parents also. I was suffering this mental harassment from many months and dat day i finally decided to leave the house and moved to my parents house. After dis many months dey didn't even contacted me or my family members. i had gone to the husbands place with my brother, but my mother in law ran on him to hit him and he holded her hand to defend himself and her bangles got broked. she started shouting that my brother had hit her. so now my brother is also helpless. Last 3 years i am giving my whole salary to them & finally at end moment, my mother in law is saying that i never gave her single money. i don't have any money left in my account. My mom is also aged and my brothers have their own life. Recently i had filed and FIR so as to get my all belongings. i have partly took my belongings and still some things they have not returned. They are not allowing me to enter the house and also with their cheap thinking i don't want to stay with my husband. also, i want to teach them a lesson so that they wont dare to ruin some other girl's life. my age is now 38 years and i don't have any child. i really need advice so as to live my life securely. Please help me.