Hello, I want to ask question about breakup. Last month on installed social dating app okcupid from play store and started talking to girl. In starting we are talking to each other and we liked each other and we came to relationship just after 2 days. I know its my mistake that i have trusted her just in 2 days. And we started talking continously after that she has decided to attach physically with her so i agreed to that and that physical relation is consensual. After sometime that girl started to say that dont talk to this guy dont do this it was really suffocating for me so i asked her for breakup bcs i really dont want to be in such kind of toxic and suffocating realtionship. Main point is that she dont trust me and as i have already told that girl that we are not having future because that girl is muslim by religion and she said she knows this but she is saying that i want to be in present i want you this that and all that after that i stick to my decission on doing breakup after that she abused me on chat that i came in relationship with her for physical need and as that has been fulfilled you are leaving me this that and i explained her that this is not true but she is continously saying that when i not agreed to be in relationship with her she said she will do sucide and all that stuff at last i decide to not to talk to her and not to msg her anything. I really dont want to be in this toxic ralationship so what should i do?