mother in law creating prblm

hi..this is shreeya (31) from bhopal (M.P) on i have been married from past 4 months.. & i am 2 months pregnant. ours was love our kundli didnt we keep aside kundlis,,did marriage.its was luv cums arrange.before our engagement everything was fine between hubby stay outside mp. after our engagement his mother try to dominate me n my family..disrespect my mom dad n me too..she makes all efforts to break this marrige...but she fails..after marriage few days everything was fine...slowly n steadily she starts torturing n my hubby...she complaints against me..she abuse my family..she torture me by abusive language..2 time she tries to hit front of my husband..if my husband as not thr..she hitted sister in law..disrespects marrige she ddnt gv me a single dress..thats ok..taana maare k 1 rs bhi nhi mila shaadi ka kaa rahi hai..maaa baap ki kya aukat hai..maa baap ne kuch nhi mom dad are heart patients..she thretened me..for mom dad at husband is not supporting me earlier 4-5 time he supported instead of knowing that she is wrong he didnt say months pregnant..m at my moms place bcoz my inlaws didnt care me..bcoz were not husband is not financal god...he is not ready to separate from family...still he says that respect were hurting me physicaly how can i stay wid them...plz help me what can i pregnant..can i abort this baby...move ahead...or anyother option.....?