complaints againts dowry and domestic voilence

my self is Mrs.Harmeet kaur Dang, got married before 10 Years at lucknow. I have a baby boy of 9 years.Ma'am i was continously facing abusive voilence, economical voilence and demands on gold and cashes time by time. my inlaws and husband was harrasaing daily for earning me and then i started job as my child age was that time 5.5months. but from starting till now my husband never ever help me or my child economically at any issues like medical, general or education. they are not tired by these things , they never told my parents till 5 years and then i saw every time my parents complaint me that your inlaws demands money mostly at every month.i started against for these things to my husband but suddenly they started abusing on my character at home and then to my parents also.conditions going same till now. some time my parents help me but as my husband and motherinlaw played drama they opposed me and ordered me that to leave the job . but due to lots of responsibilities on me for my child and also gave 10000 to my inlaws i start to do job again but their greedynedd and abusive behaviour damaged me and my child. my husband made many facebook and yahoo ids for blackmailing me last 5 years also but my parents now only trust on them because they said if you do job they will again point on your character so we will give you 200000 /month and also purchase a new house to live with your husband. i just opposed the things because they always want the same and situations never will be ok. at last my parents was ready to take step for divorce 2014 but again they started insult to me and my parents socially so they scared but mutual divorce was filed on 29 january2015, but on 18feb, my husband again started blackmailing me for money and my family also. but again me and my son was alone on this situation ,my parents cancelled the case without telling me. ma'am now i decide to go lucknow with my child and self take actions against my and my parents insult and these voilences. i had discuss few things to one of the advocate last month .please guide me on this situation and contact on mail because my mobile number will be change. Regards, Harmeet kaur