Legal advice

Dear Sir, My father had 6 children among them 4 male and 2 female children. My father made last will and testament on 6-3-1997 in which he had divided the property measuring 60*39 sq ft which consists of 2 houses in the ground floor along with 3 shops and 1 house in the first floor of the house. My father divided the property among the 4 male children. 1st son got the out-house ground floor property 2nd son got the other house in the ground floor property 3rd son got 3 shops 4th son(myself) got the 1st floor house the second son's wife approached the civil court expressing unhappiness regarding her share in the property so my father revoked the name on the will from 2nd son and made a codicil to my son . The court passed a decree 1/6th undivided share (400 sq ft). The partition was to be effected by appointment of a court commissioner. Later 3rd son sold the 3 shops to a tenant and executed a sale deed without the knowledge of others as he possessed the original will with him. Now the 2nd son's wife has also sold the ground floor house to the same tenant. The will was revoked from their name to my son's name. The transfer is illegal according to law. I have now filed FDP. How can i get a temporary injunction from the court.