anticipatory in case of 376

there was a fake case filed in last year June by girlfriend of my younger brother u/s 376/323/506, on my brother name my name as well as on my mother`s name, in july 2014 after interfering of that girl`s sis we applied for his bail on bases of marriage n compromise, thus he got bail mean while i.o has apply for NBw of my me, mother from M.M, girl told us that she has asked the i.o for NBW just to sure her side, and she asked my brother and mother to live in her place then she started teasing and troubling them and in a very bad manner started torturing in name of case so they just stopped visiting her place after that in trial she stated so many wrong things against us in cross examination she got hostile after that when judge was cheking the case file he found the nbw and asked i.o about it that it was a year why the co-accused not arrested yet after that i .o filled an application that we hae serched for them but there was a lock at thair house i want to know its already a year..chargesheet already filed in july last girl is thretning us that she will make us arrest or we have to pay the there any way out which can protest me and my mother fro arrest .....i have all proof to prove it is a fake rape case but i don,t know where to please help appeal