mentally torture and harrase by individual loan firm vote4cash

Dear Sir, My Name is Md. Shadab, I am from Delhi working in a private firm, on emergency i have taken loan from a private loan company know as VOTE4CASH for rs 20000 which has to repay in 1 month but i was not been able to pay and forcefully i have to take extension for next 1 month which sums the total to 42000, and hence by increasing further till now 3 months has bee passed and i have pay their charges for Rs 60000 approx (including their interest). just on day 3rd of june which was repayment day my phone was lost unfortunately and when they call me they found my number was temporarily out of services, soon they called to my family at my home town, and talk them with harsh language, mentioning that i am not picking thier calls they will call all my relative and infomr them they will post on my face book also. my main surprise was that when i found that on same day my landlord came to me and said that he received the calls and they told him that i am defaulter and etc etc. i was surprised that though i have given my home town number at the time of registration but how they got my landlord number then i got notice that they have asked me download app on my mobile from which they have hacked all my contacts number and now they are asking me to pay the sum at once and if not then they will call all the contacts and post in my FB about my defaulter,. i am not saying that i will not pay this amount i will pay but in small amount, but they are asking to pay the full amount in all once at a time. i am in very much mental harassment right now, what to do, if they call all the concern. please guide me i want to get out from this dug out. please