Divorce case

Hi, I m and NRI got married in 2012. Me and my wife went abroad immediately after our marriage and after few months my wife started t show her real color. She created lots of problem for me and started damaging household things and valuable assets and everyday created a scene which will result into big fights. This continued for a year and she finally came back to India permanently. No contact after she returned back to India. After waiting for almost 8 months I filled a divorce petition as per the advice from a lawyer. I left my abroad job and residing in India currently while left me as a jobless at present. Though there is no hearing held as such by court as respondent has recently received the divorce petition and the appearance date is in next month Kindly let me know if I can get divorce immediately as my lawyer informed me that main ground to get a divorce is 3 years separate stay by husband or wife from each other. Also please advise me if I should take my divorce petition back and should wait to complete 3 years so that my case base is stronger to get divorce from the court. If I don’t withdraw the petition and though my wife is of intention to contest the case then will I be bound to pay alimony every month to my wife who is not working at present and inspite I m jobless. How is the final settlement amount calculated? As per my lawyers calculation it should be my per month gross salary multiplied by 12 years and one third of the same to be paid as a final settlement amount. Also if I have a responsibility of my old parents about their food clothing and shelter then will this cost be considered and deducted from the final settlement amount. Kindly also let me know if I get a fat salary job now and suppose if I resign and get lower salary job exactly at the time of divorce then which salary will be used as a base on which final settlement amount will be calculated. In my case what is the way to get quick divorce.