False dowry case

My cousin's fiancé has filed a false dowry case against him and many members of my family. My cousin's marriage was arranged with a girl (who is in some minor department in police but has good connections in police). Everything was fine till some days but then the girl started complaining about the gifts from our side and started asking for money for different arrangements of marriage. They also postponed the marriage on this issue and thus my family gave them some money for arrangements. From then onward she became really bossy with my cousin and started asking him rudely for expensive gifts and jewellery for marriage. She also abused him and my family on phone (which many people of my family heard on speaker but we do not have the recording). My cousin did not respond much at the start but then when it became too much then my family cancelled the marriage. After this the girl and her family filed a false dowry case against us on a simple paper and they have no proof of their claim. But the police is favouring the girl and acting abusively against my family and harassing us and they had not filed a formal complaint against us till yesterday so that we could not file for bail. Even now after filing official complaint they are not telling the exact cases filed so we are not able to apply for bail. Me and my family is on the run because they were harassing us a lot and we had threat to gat beaten up in police stations. Please suggest some option to us because we are not seeing any solution and are out of our homes for days. Me and my cousin's career is also in line. We do not have any contacts with big people and so no option is present with us. Tell us any sort of option which we can try to get out of this mess. Please reply soon. Thanks and regards