harassment by in laws

Myself Hindu maratha girl I got married with a bramhin guy in maharastrian community. When we declared our relationship in front of my husband's family in 2007 .my husband's bhabhi no 2 she tried several things to broke our marriage.but anyhow we got marry in 2011.till now things goes f9 between me n my husband.we are living desperate from his family.now in may 2015.my husband family started blaming me that I have extra marital relations n so on.they have proofs etc.when u asked them then I came to know that my husband's bhabhi no 1 suddenly meet one guy on Facebook he became his sister or whatever I don't know what kind of relationship they have.till it is f9 .but suddenly my husband's bhabhi no 1 started blaming me that I had given reference to that guy.I had bad relationship with him .day by day torturing became crucial.my husband is with me he knew what I am but my in laws buried my life like anything.from d first day of marriage everyone from my husband's family wanted to broke our marriage.I am educated MBA in finance working in MNC earning good in short I have good life ahead.but my in laws ruined my life they r torturing me by taking my name character in bad things even I filed NC against my sister in law in nearby police station regarding this.she is blaming me to hide her extra marital affair with that gut she met on Facebook.please help me