Validity of registered deed of cancellation

I had Purchased Land/ Villa on 6-5-15 at Gerugambakkam Chennai Tamil Nadu from manju foundation at cost of 68 lakhs. I have already paid sum of Rs. 63 Lakhs through bank cheques. I have to pay balance 0f 5 lakhs at the time of taking the keys of Villa.The villa likely to handed over to me within 10 days. Prior to our purchase the Villa land from Manju foundation, the same land/ Villa was sold to Mrs. Revathy on 29-10-12 through sale deed No 5710/2012. Very recently the buyer and seller jointly registered a deed of cancellation No. 3492/2015 during 12 th march 2015. In cancellation deed they have mentioned some reasons saying that some serious errors insale deed document hence buyer and seller agreed to cancel the deed. During cancellation they paid stamp charges Rs 1,09,620/- had been to SRO Pammal Chennai. The same Land/ Villa was sold to me by manju foundation through Sale deed No.3493/2015 & Construction agreement No.3492/2015 for lands in survey No. 233 of Gerugambakkam village Chennai had been registered to me in my name B. Sridharnath on 6-5-15 at SRO Pammal. Please clarify whether there is any provision in Indian laws to cancel the registered sale deed. Since SRO Pammal had permitted the registration of deed of cancellation whether the owner ship of land/villa will be really transferred back vendor Manju foundation after registering a deed of cancellation. Please also clarify about the Validity of sale of same land/ Villa to us (after deed of cancellation) through a sale deeds by Mamju Foundation on 06-05-15