Surname is missing from all of my documents

Hello, My name is Gaurav Gupta and my father's name is Prempal Gupta. My Biological DOB is 24/10/1993. My family elders are not so educated and they carelessly filled my school form when I was admitted in primary school. Now all my educational documents from 10th marksheet to post graduation marksheet have my name as "Gaurav" and my Father's name as "Prem Pal"(which should be Prempal Gupta instead). Also my DOB in educational documents is 12/05/1993. (Which is actually my sister's DOB, but with different year i.e. 12/5/91) These details are also same for my voter card. I applied for my Driving license by affidavit without using my 10th Certificate, and my DL is having name as "Gaurav Gupta S/O Prempal Gupta" and DOB as 24/10/1993. I applied for PAN card via my DL so my Pan Card and Bank Passbook is also having the same Name, Father's Name and DOB. My Aadhar card is having my name as "Gauarv Gupta s/o Prempal Gupta" and DOB as 12/05/1993. So I am having three set of documents with different information of mine. 1. Name as "Gaurav s/o Prem Pal" with DOB 12/05/1993 2. Name as "Gaurav Gupta s/o Prempal Gupta" with DOB 12/05/1993 3. Name as "Gaurav Gupta s/o Prempal Gupta" with DOB 24/10/1993 This situation is very troublesome for me as I am not able to link most of my documents with one another. I want to have my name as "Gaurav Gupta" my Father's name as "Prempal Gupta" and DOB as "24/10/1993". Which is actually true information. I know about the name change procedure but can I add surname to my father's name via this procedure? (All of my father's documents have his surname as Prempal Gupta). Also what about the DOB. can it be changed via judicial process? How can I apply for amendment in 10th Marksheet (CBSE). I am having my Mother's hospital discharge slip after delivery way back of 1993. Will it be accepted as legal evidence/proof. I family never applied for Municipal birth certificate/Birth Registration. I submitted a affidavit to RTO way back in 2011 for getting DL, and the affidavit is having different DOB and my 10th marksheet is having different DOB. Is there any penalty/punishment for filling affidavit with wrong information? If so what will he the punishment if I apply for change in DOB in DL. Kindly help me out, what will be the right process by which I can have all my documents information in sync as soon as possible. Thanks ?