Legal threat by wife

Dear Sir/Madam, i am very upset about my wife behavior and legal threat of filling the false cases if i don't walk on her track. she is completely handed glove by her father and controlled by her father , her father is a uncivilized / eccentric having rude behavior. my father has done this marriage without any single penny from her father. i was got married in 2004 from kanpur, her father has used her as a weapon against me and our family. her father wanted to use us for their financial benefit. in 2008 i sent my wife to her parents home, her father has filled 125 crpc against me, i filled 9 RCR, after fighting two years , she has come to me, and in the date hearing in RCR case her father has again use her as a weapon and filled a false 498a against me and my family in 2011 but after investigation by I.O it is found bogus and I.O has not arrest any family member of us . after seeing this she has filled and compromise affidavit in police station stating that she had filled 498a in irritation and she wants to live with me. after this all episode i don't want to send her in her parents home because of fear of legal threat , but now she is saying that if don't let her go to her parent's home, she will again do something to threat me. i am very depress about this. i have two children 9 and 7 years both are boys. i m very worried about my children's future. what should i do? pls guide.