my wife want to leave sepratly or divorced.

i have married in jan 2013. my wife is so anger. stil she dont want to accept my parents specially my mother. she alwayes argue with my mother and act so arrogentaly. she never respect my parents, my mother is old philosophy, she told me any thing to my wife. my wife take it as Comments. and not following any thin. now we have a one year old son. Now she force me that leave out of my home town sepratly. She force me to leave nuclear. but i am the only son of my parents, and they totaly depends on me. i cant leave them alone. but wife alwayes fight with them on silly issues. and making home enviroment so negetively. write now now my all sister (4 sister) come in summer holiday. they usaly come once in a year. day before tommorow they all just taking about there family, and My wife take there talk as commnts on her self. and fight to all of them. and force me to leave her in my in-laws and told me that now she will never returned if i will not seprate or taking divorced. what can i do? should i go parvar paramarsh kendra as my parents recommnded. my wife also told that she will cmplaint my all faimily including my sister.