Property matter

There was 1521 Sq mts agriculture land of Bhatkar and my father was in possession since 1977 and his name was entered in Other right coloumn. In the year 2008 I approached to Bhatkar and I told I want to construct the house and I want to purchase some part of that property. He orally give permission to constrcut the house. Now in the year 2013 he filed a case before Dy collector Mapusa Goa that I have constructed illegal house of agriculture property. Then we both Bhatkar and myself made a Agreement and it had mentioned that he will give me 580 Sq Mts at the cost of Rs. 250000/- on a condition that I want to cut 17 coconut trees, demolished the some part of my house to give him way for road of 6 Mts wide from same property I agreed and paid him 125000 by DD and he also put one another condition to give in writing before collector that my fathers name is wrongly entered in Form 14. That condition also I agreed and now my fathers name is deleted but as he agreed in agreement that when name of my father get deleted he will do the sale deed but he is not doing so. also putting pressure on me to cut down the portion of my house as I agreed in agreement. Before that I was not aware if I cut the portion of house my house will get shake due to breaking of that portion and also it is agriculture land. What can I do now.