Divorce Process on the basis of circumstances

My name is Deepak Saini married in feb 2006. From the day one wife creating misunderstanding between me and my family on the command of her parents. Bcos we refuse to get the rishta of her younger sister at the time of Lagna . bocz she engage with some other guy. After four months she left the matrimonial house and come back after 6 months after so much quarrel. But after few days again she is doing the same thing, One thing her father gave her a separate phone on her birthday. The main Problem started from here. Every she and her mother , sister, cousin sister and her mausi talking to much all the days on daily basis. 10 oct 2006 to 13 sep 2009 we have so much Jhagda on daily basis but I took out for outing once in month and buying whatever she want Like : Movie in Month, Lunch and Dinner , Cloths) But still One thing want to know what she is talking to her parent on daily basis , so I damage her phone give her my phone and also install a call recorder , then I caught him with red handed , her mother guide her how to make things hell. After that on 13 sep 2009 her parents , mausi , a friend of her father and a lawyer come to my house and without informing us. And start shouting and Take her daughter and said “ Hame le ja rahe hain Hamesha ke liye, aur apni bêti se kaha tujhe mein acchi naukri dila dunga aura lag ghar le dunga, tu maze se rehna” After 1yrr Dec 2010 she filled a Regular dowry complaint in CAW cell against me and my family demand 10lkh and divorce on first date till end . After six months harassment in caw cell. I contact with a lawyer in saket court . and he suggest me to filled a RCR , so I did. But IN Court she say I want to live with him but in separate accommodation. So I did as my lawyer said . I said yes and say ok for separate accomendation. So 16 nov 20011 onwards we stayed in separate house. But Still m not convince with her behavior. Bcos She always spread that we staying separate bcos of her saas , devar and husband issues. Now I want divorce , But I want her behind the bars.