Cruelty and beating my sister for dowry and other issues.

R/sir My younger sister got married on dt 28-11-14, each & every thing in this marriage was planned by the in laws of her and we have done every thing as they told . We told that we can bear 15 Lakh for all thing firstly they agreed but they demanded all money in CASH and resulting this we reached upto RS 19 Lakh almost.They are resident of Etah (UP), our native place is also UP but due to service of my father, My family are residing in Rajasthan from last 35 Years. As my sister told us , the in-laws and her husband have started the harassment from the first moment after she reached their house regarding dowry , cash , and other matters like arrangement , disrespect etc., but she have not argued for any thing in a hope that it is starting and after some days every thing will be all right.Then they went to delhi , where he is in Job. But the situation got just opposite , her husband started to abuse her and taunt her each n every time , some times when she replied that if there is something that you want then why dont you ask directly to my father , why do you abusing me ... what is my fault. Hearing this he got so angry and beaten her after got drunk and one he opened the LPG pipe saying that i will end the whole story today.after that my sister managed the situation any how After some days my sister came with me for first time after marriage, but her mood was so off during the day her husband sent a Cheque of RS 20 Lakh in favour of my Father and told my sister that you stay there i dont need you in my life ...i have paid more than your family spent in marriage. We all got shocked by seeing the cheque because we dont know all these things before that. Then we had a meeting with him and tried to resolve the problem , the he agreed and told that i have done all this in anger and told ur daughter not to say any thing in front of me. Then she went there and time was passing in normal way according to us.... but that was not true , he used to do the same thing daily . One day on 24/4/2015 My sister called us at 10.15 Pm That he is drunk and abusing her vary badly after that the phone got disconnected and Mobile was not reachable up to 2 Hrs. after that we got a call from unknown number and my sister was on that phone and told that she is in the house of land lord and her husband beaten her so badly , opened gas pipe and thrown her out of the house at midnight. we went there and took her with us , my family and other relatives tried to manage the situation but now we all come to know that there not any hope because my sister told that he even dont think that she is a part pf his family . After that we have filed complaint against him and others member included in this under 498a in Nasirabad Court , Ajmer Rajasthan because my sister decided that there is no hope in future . In this condition what do now , please advice. One more thing i want to write is last Whats app status of my sister and her husband after marriage Sister- One life to do every thing ... there is NO next Birth Her Husband- This life is reserved for my family , in another life I would be ur man... Is there any hope or is it better to be get out of this kind of life. Abhishek, Ajmer