Telephone discussion between me and a person recorded and using a

Sir, I am sharing details of situation in which a person involved in offical business activities or transactions with my company had planned along with some employee of my team and PSU officials and got indulged in friendly discussion with me in person as well as over telephone over months and had recorded all my telephonic discussion had with him. The person involved here runs a healthcare facility and I had caught them doing frauds in insurance billing and over charging policy holders couple of time. In one case we had reported this to the PSU insurer and had got the removed from GIPSA network hospital list. In second time I had called the director and GM of the hospital and had updated them about over charging of claims in almost all claims and the rates applied were higher than the agreed hospital tariff furnished and agreed at the time of entering the service and MOM to that effect is made and saved. Due to such unethical activity hospital was removed and stoped from providing cashless facility to particular corporate in the month of june 14. They were deempanelled in the month of june 2014 and were restricted from providing cashless treatment to corporate and only after receiving repeated assurance from them not to repeat sameIin future they were allowed to provide cashless service from Dec 2014 and at that they had agreed to charge same rates for both cashless and reimbursement claim. Within 3 months of starting service PSU INSURER offical visited office and inspected their claims and issued instruction to take action and shared ther observation stating this hospital is indulged in wrong billing, misrepresent ation of facts and after which they were removed from the hospital network with effect 1-05-2015. Now they have comeout with recording of our telephonic talk which took place between june to nover and have started circulating to people associated with me in my official work. Please advise