Harrassment by my wife

I got married in March 2014 in New Delhi. My wife has been harassing me and my family mentally and emotionally since then : She shouts showing her uncontrollable and aggressive behavior that may be a symptom of Personality Disorder or a psychological case which is also the state of her mother who is suffering from acute depression disorder from past 20 years. Leaving the matrimonial place without giving any reason to me or my parents Does voice recording of me , my parents and my sister during any discussion. She initiates the quarrel by increasing her voice pitch therefore by only recording our counter argument towards her and portraying herself as a victim Defaming me and my family in close friends and in their relations by spreading false stories of her harassment and torture and false dowry demands. We dint ask for a dime in the wedding . The tradition of exchanging nominal gifts which is accepted as a social custom was labelled as dowry by her and her family. We had also equally gifted her with nominal gifts. ( there was no car , property , heavy jewelry/ornaments given to us by her family) She has to do no household chores at home. No washing , cooking , cleaning , ironing , looking after her in laws etc. She doesn't event know where the switches of home are and where are the utensils kept. She always maintained a relationship of a house mate and not a wife or daughter in law. She is currently working for a reputable firm and we never forced her to contribute towards the home or for any of my personal intention. We have always encouraged her to work outside. No restrictions on what she wears , eats , drinks , late night parties etc. Please advise us we how to proceed. I cant stay with her any longer. she is very dominating.