wrongful terminatiom by the education department (bihar)

Dear sir, I am a contractual teacher in bihar govt joined in july 2014 on the basis of merit list. The merit list that was published by the education department was wrong.there was an error in it.my actual merit was 61.8% in but department by mistake has made it 64.9% and published on its website .after publishing of merit list department released a press note to recorrect it within a certain time frame.but i could not made it correct.i hv joined on my merit 64.9%(as in merit list) and watched that those people also hv joined who got lesser than 61.8% which is my actual merit points All the department has to do is correct the joining list and place me at the right place according to my actual merit. Instead of that the department is saying that since you had not recorrected your place in merit list during certain time period given by us, so u are terminated.is it fair n legal? I am completely eligible for the post but only if department recorrect his joining list. Please suggest me what should i do now? Can i legally go to court and challenge against my termination? Mainly i want to know that the error in merit list can be challenged or not after the tym period given by the dept.