false allegations under section 354 of IPC

one forty year old lady, who is a divorcee, married with a young 20 years old boy, without legal divorce from her ex husband framed false allegations on me of molestation. however there is no evideces nd witnesses with her. she in her complain said on 7th may night incident happened with her and she lodged fir on 12th may no explanation gor delay. on same day her husband filed a missing report of her at same police stn. However in my statement I myself admitted tht on 7th night at about 2030 I went to her flat to find her husband as I was not aware that she came back nd got to know that she had requested to the naval authority to cease her husband short leave nd dont allow him to cme home. at 2100 hrs she even had dinner at my home and went back. her husband is a great culprit in this case as he borrowed money from me and after several request to return money he gave excuses every time. on 11th night I have given him warning if he ll not return my money I ll complaon to the authorities in revenge he alongwith her wife framed me in false case of molestation. I got one day PC followed by six days jc nd got bail. now what to do I dont have idea. they have defamed me a lot nd I m not even able to take any action against them as I got the conditional bail.