pagdi system

From past 50 years we are staying in pagdi system our old land lord sold his property to a new person without taking our consent before 5 years we came to know one fine morning when he came to us claiming he to our new owner and he is a good personality we should not bother he will only collect rend and won't trouble us. All this scenario changed all of the sudden when we got a notice from municipality to vacate our property as it is stated as dilapidated and weak.we rushed to land lord for help he showed negligence and advice us to go to court for relief and he showed us the door way out. We the next day went to municipality stating for help there we came to know that a prior notice was sent to him to repair he ignored it and kept all Tenants in Darkness resulting in all this and to our SHOCKING we came to know that our property was prior at ROAD CUTTING has been REMOVED AND the crook landlord is insisting municipality to get the building grounded seeing the municipality also not responding good we were cornered to go to approach court where we were told by the layer to get our audit report . We hired a authentic structure Auditor and the report showed the truth that our building is safe no need to get it demolished we submitted it in court but our hard luck in spite we lost the case in city civil court as the municipality report stated it unsafe there.we then reviewed the case. Then we approached municipality for visit of our site with higher officials on our request they visited the site and came to know the factual conditions of bldg and asked to getour structure audit report to be submited we did it and got a meeting and found that in the owners structure report it was stated that it is REPAIRABLE AND IT IS NOT AFFORDABLE for him to get it repaired .Then we submitted it writing stating we are ready to get it repaired at our own cost.we got positive response from municipality.Now PLEASE let us know what should we do safeguard our property.THIS year he forcefully collected 2000 rent extra stating the structural audit expenses from us which he had submitted to get us vacated but still we did as rent cannot be kept pending .still he keeps on coercing us that he would get property demolished he all tenants are simple and aged persons and middle class how can we save our property please help.And please also help one our tenant wants to sell his house as he is alone and wants to get shifted with his kins relative but the landlord refuses to give NOC to sell and name transfered to new buyers though he is ready to give his share 33% to him. Sir please help us is there any law to get rid from this landlord issues and live rest of our life peacefully.Please HELP.