adultery and child custody

I am government servent and my wife is also a govt servant. We married five years ago in love cum arranged marriage having a baby of 2 and half years. My wife went to parental house to higher study for periods of one year. I was visiting her once or twice in a month. Meanwhile I got ignored by her in all manner i.e. not calling , not answering my phone calls and also refusing to have intercourse in my visiting days etc before this she is has complaining about my parents and not ready to come to my house. After completion of her she returned to my house where we are previously working. When I asked to take the child with her she denied to do so and she blackmail me saying that I will not come if you insist to take child. Then I came to know that she is having an affair with one of the lecturer in her college. Then I used to collect records. I went to work switch on a voice recorder left at home when she returned to home she used call the same person. She is using dirty words to talk with him. And discussing the late days and experiences which she spent with him. After returning she started doing the same ignorance to intercourse and other things. I somehow get the call details of her cell which was parallely maintained by her . Then it is clear that she used talk 2 to 3 hours a day to said person in the odd time of 1200 to 0100 midnight. After that I take her to her parents and revealed the same Then she accepted that she has only talked with other than that she don't have any affairs. When we asked her to come with me she denied and stayed at saying you are entered to privacy. Not allowed me to take my child with me. Her parents are also encourage d her using words she is double graduate and a govt servant she can live any where. Then after two three days she returned to my house and started living with me . Then she got vacation and left me. Meanwhile I got transfer to my native and asked her to come and stay together now she denying to come to me. My question is 1 am i get my child back by contesting divorce? 2 Is proofs available is sufficient to take divorce on basis of adultery? 3 since date from confirmation of that affair I didn't have sex with her. Is she capable prove that she had sex with me? 4 now I want move from my present place of working to transferred place. Is she have any rights to stop me? 5 now I wish to apply for a divorce. Kindly advise me suitably