claim on joint property

R/s Sir/Madam, I m Megha chauhan D/o shri.Ved parkash chauhan needs your suggestion about iur case. Our case is in Lower court,Faridabad. Me,my elder sister and my younger brother are staying with our mother, Smt.Manjubala since 2 years away from our father.we are staying on rent.My filed the court case against our father under section- 498/A.. And not only under this section,my father has been charged with section- 354/A i.e. Sexual harrasment..we do not live with our father as he have a lot of extra marital affairs and he created an environment of domestic violence,threatenings,physical insecurity and much more which made the situations worse and forced us to leave our house on which my mother holds equal right..My mother and my father holds the house equally as per law as they have equal joint registry of the house. The house on which ther share equal right is of 250sq. Yards.. Now,the problem is as we are staying with our mother on rent and my father stays at the real house we own,he dont let us in and he seized the property and it is our right to claim it back as it hs been a very long time that we are facing such problems and needs shelter for the sake of our security and our lives.. our lawyer whom we hired is now demanding for more money and it is nt easy and affordable.. Please help me with it. I enclose my request by sending you the address of the house we claim and on which our mother have equal right: 131 sector-21/D, Faridabad.. You can nform me your suggestions via phone- [deleted]