How to file Name Change Request in Court?

Respected Lawyers, My name is Samrath Gupta residing from Varanasi (UP) I've changed my name from " Shivam Gupta " TO " Samrath Gupta ". I wanted to change my name in my marksheets of Highschool (CBSE) and Inter(U.P Board). I've submitted all the things required by CBSE Board. When I called them to ask about my case they said my case got rejected. When I asked for reason they said new laws have come from CBSE board and you can find the pdf file link from cbse below. I've these records with me: 1- Govt Gazette 2- Publications in news paper 3- Affidavit (Photocopy) 4- Affidavit sworn before Magistrate (PhotoCopy) How can I file name change request in court and how much time this procedure can take? After Court has ordered and allowed me my new name, Will CBSE and UP Board both change the name in my marksheets? Can I use the Govt Gazette to get my name changed in PAN,Bank Accounts,etc ? I'm still not sure If I should be called " Shivam " or "Samrath " I need guidance as I dont have much knowledge about it all. Hope you excellent lawyers can guide me well :) Thanks in Advanced.